My Cheating Hotwife


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Genre: 4K Ultra HD, Affairs & Love Triangles, Character, Cuckolds, Cumshots, Facials, Gonzo, Hotwife, Interracial, Plot Oriented, POV
Cast: Aspen Romanoff, Blake Blossom, Chanel Brooks, Evelyn Payne, Quinn Waters, Skyla Sun, Brian Omally, GI Joey, Jovan Jordan, Vic Hammer

Your wife is hot and horny! She apparently also needs that you are NOT 100% able to fufill sexually- leading her to satisfy these needs with other men. Since she loves you, she decides it’s best to keep her extra marital indiscretions on the low. Truth be told, you would probably be okay with her cheating as deep down you know she deserves better.

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