Women seeking Women #3

Starring: Lena Ramon, Sierra, Kyla, Nicole, Jewels, Michelle

Women Seeking Women 3 has three scenes of women making love to women and looking like they’re glad to be doing it. Petite and pale Lena Ramon is paired with busty and dusky Sierra for a sweetly passionate tryst. Chirping birds and an abundance of blossoms naturally turns their minds towards thoughts of love. In a scene that moves at a believable pace while maintaining a feeling of connection between the performers and not losing the attention of the viewer, boxer wearing Ramon crawls all over Sierra and looks utterly blessed by her companion’s touch. Nicole introduces an initially uncertain Kyla to the shared pleasures only two women can explore. The two retire to a bedroom where Kyla’s inhibitions are removed with her black dress. The dvd winds up with a customer-requested scene of hot lesbian biker lust. When Jewels Jade’s SUV breaks down, leather-clad Michelle St James offers her a ride. And what a ride it turns out to be! St James provides the stranded miss with plenty of hair pulling, wrist holding, and Sapphic Dominant/submissive fun. Whether her SUV ever gets fixed is left a mystery.

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2:23:10 | 560×416 | avi | 2004Mb

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