Torero -1996-

Cast: Rocco Siffredi, Sunset Thomas, Sandra, Olivia Del Rio, Tanya, Zdena, Jessica Gabriel, Estrella del Sol, Marina Swallona, Valentino, Francesco Malcom, Roberto Malone, Hakan

Based on the famous novel "Sangre Y Arena" by Spanish writer Blasco Ibanez, this high budget production stars Sunset Thomas and Rocco Siffredi in the i35mm release that won the 1997 AVN "Best European Film" award. Torero sets a new standard in adult films, with full sets and costuming, a plot, gorgeous young women, exotic settings, luxury villas, bullfighting, original music score and excellent production techniques combine with elements of tragedy, courage and love. Torero is destined to become and All-X-rated classic!
What is poor matador Rocco Siffredi to do? He’s torn between his incredibly exotic, erotic and gorgeous wife Olivia Del Rio and a blonde American journalist played by Sunset Thomas. Olivia is full of fiery Latin passion, as we see in her athletic back-door session with Rocco, but the delectable blondness of Sunset is something the ?Spaniard? in Rocco can’t resist. After sexually sparring with the two ladies in his life, Rocco barely has the strength to go out and face that 2,000 lbs. of hoofed and horned bovine death charging around the ring. Mr. Siffredi’s twin foursomes with Sunset and two sultry Latin girls are as kinky and decadent as they are smolderingly erotic and well crafted. And Ms. Del Rio is a real find for porn lovers with a taste for Latin ladies. ?Vintage D’Amato, which is to say top of the line,? ? AVN

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