Sugarwalls 2 (ELEGANT ANGEL)

Baby Girl, Capicino, Dee, Foxy, Idalis, Megan Reed, Meka

BabyGirl has attitude, elegance and nastiness all in one. And Loves to f*ck! Dee is straight outta Puerto Rico and is quiet and shy – yet wild when she f*cks!!! Foxy has natural tits with a B-girl smile. She`s the type of girl in rap videos. Hardcore!! Capicino is 18 years old and from LBC. This girl likes to f*ck and she don`t stop.! -You`ll see her in more stuff from the darkside. Meagan Reed is very comfortable in front of the camera. She is a girl who loves it Ruff, Rugged and Raw! Meka and Idalis are straight outta Long Beach. All I can say is if their boyfriends only knew!

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1:51:07 | 624×480 | mp4 | 956Mb

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