Peepers (1991/DVDRip)

Starring: Delia Moore, Kim Alexis, Sabrina Jurgens, Samantha Strong, Billy Dee, Jesse Eastern, Ray Victory

You can see the darnedest things through a telescope; they’re great for bird-watching, the race track, and astronomy, but where they really come in handy is for up-close investigations of the endless intimate sexual liaisons that take place behind locked doors – but open windows!
Why, with one of those to look through, you’ll be brought right into the action. It’s so real and so close you’ll feel that you could reach out and touch that slipping and sliding ecstasy, but be careful; this long distance loving can turn into an erotic obsession. And when a sexual obsession gets out of hand, anything can happen.
PEEPERS is a scorchingly sensual fable of a young virile man who falls in love with an incredibly beautiful woman whose face and body are the very essence of sexual perfection. The only trouble is that the only time he is able to see her is when he’s looking at her through his telescope. Every time he leaves the telescope and goes to where he thinks he’ll find her, she’s not there; she’s vanished!
It seems the only way he’ll ever be able to meet this fabulous mystery woman – and have a chance to sample the tantalizing pleasures of her massive perfectly formed breasts and mouthwateringly voluptuous thighs with their hidden promise of orgasmic delights – is through his telescope.
But how long can this go on? When, if ever, will she see him and open herself up t o the full extent of his burning need?
Wait, what’s that she’s got? It looks like a telescope? And it looks like she’s pointing it at me!

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