Marquis de Sade in Love (1975)


Cast: Marie Forsa, Anne Bie Warburg, Harry Reems, Felix Franchy, Bent Warburg, William Kisum, Poul Bundgaard
This is the German version of Justine and Juliette, and includes additional footage with German performers. Despite over 15 minutes of added footage, this version is about 15 min. shorter, so quite a bit of the original Danish footage was cut.
The added footage includes Gisela Krauss, Sepp Gneissl and a chambermaid [Biggi Stenzhorn (credit: eos)] having sex in a room which is made to appear as though it were next door to Alfred’s apartment during the bubble bath scene. There is also footage of Christine Szenetra during the final party/orgy in which she pours champagne down her chest while a guy eats her pussy. There are a few other short bits added, with performers I didn’t recognize.
1:21:17 | 608×464 | avi | 1200Mb
Marquis de Sade in Love -1975-
Marquis de Sade in Love -1975- Preview

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