La Mantide (Showtime/DVDRip)

Letizia Bruni, Jessica Ross, Marco Nero, Alex Roy, Antonio Vesuvio, Sigfrido, Valentino Busi, Franco Trentalante

If you’re the kind of person whose blood doesn’t curdle when an erotic movie starts with a chainsaw murder, you can safely keep watching – if with your hair standing on end. This here is another one of those Italian-style shock-pornos. Three hair-raising stories which, besides murders, contain a hefty load of erotic images. While in the first story it’s a young girl and her boyfriend who are caught off guard by a maniac at some remote house, it’s a woman with a dark past who stabs her lover in her delusional state in story number two. Story number three is very creepy: a bad guy ravages a disabled girl after having killed her father. Should you be thinking that crime-thriller or no there will be a happy ending, you’ll get a nasty surprise, a very nasty, blood-red one .

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1:29:19 | 672×416 | avi | 1400Mb

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