La Cena Del Peccato (Salieri Team/Milord Productions)

Betty Blue as Debbie Ronalds, Lolo Fare or Soraja Morr, Eva Unger as Eva Black, Holly Black as Holly Hunter, Madalina Ray, Mercedes as Debbie Ronalds, Lolo Fare or Soraja Morr, Zora Banx

Conny Crow plays one of the main characters, and in this movie, he cleans up shop. Most of the scenes take place in a restaurant, but apparently, the only thing on the menu is beautiful women and their tight little snatches. He can’t resist, and so throughout the movie, he’s caught being fondled and being fucked by multiple beautiful women, from dark haired to blondes. Franco Roccaforte also makes a guest appearance in this film, and he cleans up the rest of the "food" left in the restaurant!


1:11:10 | 720×540 | wmv | 1026Mb

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