Good Golly Miss Molly (1987/VHSRip)

Good Golly Miss Molly (1987/VHSRip)

Starring: Ebony Ayes, Fallon, Lee Ann Morgan, Nina DePonca

“What are you doin’ Molly?”
“I’m daydreaming about those rock ‘n’ roll stars from the Sixties. Those Beatles. those Beach Boys. what studs!”
Yeah, Ringo. what a stud. Al Jardine. what a stud.
Molly, played by Ebony Ayres and her live-in boyfriend Jerry (Johnny Nineteen) have a relationship on the most solid of footing. While she’s daydreaming about studs, he’s studding around with Jane Daniel and a pre-Renaissance Penny Morgan-type, Lee Ann Morgan. While Jerry’s out cleaning the garage, Molly’s getting cleaned out by next door neighbor F.M. Bradley and his alleged spouting girlfriend Robin Lee aka Fallon who doesn’t spout in this feature.
Rock ‘n’ rolls’s supposed to be the soul of this playlet, but the soundtrack for the most part is a non judicious use of a baroque overture that belongs more in the court of Louis XIV than Molly’s kitchen as she works the garbage disposal. And then we strain to hear the dialogue. Perhaps that’s a blessing in disguise. But when words die, zippers fly, and you get plenty of that in these mix and match pairings.
If Ebony Ayes wants to fawn over the Beach Boys, that’s her business. But the plot contrivance kind of loses its zip after her third daydream. Sexually it has its moments in the Morgan/Daniel/Nineteen triumvirate, but if the set were a large paper bag, the cast would still be in there trying to act its way out.

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