Filet-o-breast -1988-

Cast: Stephanie Rage, Trinity Loren, Ebony Ayes

Anyone who was hoping for a romantic pas de deux between the Chicken of the Sea mermaid and Manuel Pacifico, Tuna Fisherman, can forget it. The breasts on display here are the breaststrokes demonstrated by some of the finest ?dual delights? in the industry, and Filet-O-Breast is a look at some ?intensive training? the girls undertake, courtesy of the Every Damn Sports Network. In between vignettes of how swimming coaches like Peter North and Marc Wallace get the most of their charges, new anchors Randy Spears and Trinity Loren come out from behind the desk to redefine the term ?hard copy.? Among the highlights are a fine scene with North and Ebony Ayes and Wallace?s trio with Aja and Tammy Reynolds. There?s plenty of ?filet? here to satisfy most breast buffs. Okay packaging.

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