Diet Of Sex

Cast: Raquel Martínez

Borja Brun, director and filmmaker, provide us with his masterpiecem, a film like no other before. Diet of Sex is an experience, is a love story between Agata and Marc told through sex.Agata suffers from a psychological disorder (anhedonia) which prevents her from experiencing pleasure in all aspects of her life.Marc, through the use food endeavours to help her to overcome her problem.Diet of Sex aims to bring to light that food in itself is not an aphrodisiac, yet the way in which we prepare it can be. It impacts our sexual appetite and thus how we interact on an intimate level.A culinary, sexual adventure through a variety of flavours. A plea towards the normality of sex in cinema. A vindication to overcome a (deeply-rooted) social taboo and to envisage explicit adult sex scenes of an instinctive nature..

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1:10:42 | 720×304 | avi | 1422Mb

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