Caresses infernales (1977/VHSRip)


Starring: Barbara Moose, Elisabeth Bure, Liliane Lemieuvre, Sophie Bulle, Ursula White, Veronique Maugarski
In a pub, 3 friends tell sex stories, one with a guy having a special way to hire secretaries, one with a woman who has sex three times a day with 5 guys each time, one with a girl falling in love with a dildo, one with a young girl testing different sex games with her aged husband and a black guy, one where the husband plays a transvestite to seduce his wife, one where a gay couple abuses a housewife, one with a girl making love to one of her boots, and finally one with an orgy where everybody comes together.
1:15:57 | 640×480 | avi | 1160Mb
Caresses infernales (1977VHSRip)
Caresses infernales (1977VHSRip) Preview

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