Brummi Bräute

Anyone who has ever driven a big rig knows of the ladies of the night that frequent truck stops. These women offer a little company to lonely truckers. Banging on your window at all hours of the night, these hookers roam the parking lots looking for horny truckers to pay for their sexual services. So abundant did these girls become they soon were given their own moniker – Lot Lizards. Hitting the open roads and interstates of America, a film crew set out to document the lives of these vivacious ladies. In this movie you will come to understand why truckers all across the country have a special place in their heart and pants for these hard working women.

Scene 1. Alexis Malone, Trent Tesoro
Scene 2. Maggie Star, Jay Ashley
Scene 3. Julie Night, Rafe
Scene 4. Bianca Pureheart, Dave Hardman
Scene 5. Autumn Haze, Dick Tracy

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