Blue Jeans (1981/DVDRip)


Starring: Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Brooke Bennett, Sandy Gazelle, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, Jesse Eastern, Michael Bruce, David Messa
Brooke Bennett is married to a fashion industry bigwig. When she runs into a former lover, she reluctantly declines his invitation back to his hotel room. “You must understand,” she tells him, “I’m married now.” Things change when Brooke catches her hubby in a compromising position at the office, however, and she’s in the sack with her old flame quicker than a shot. Meanwhile, Brooke has hired Ron Jeremy as a house boy, and while he’s preparing a meal for a visiting representative of a French clothing firm, all kinds of wickedly erotic action breaks out. Things wrap up with a hilarious and incredibly hot orgy in which the entire cast pulls out all the stops
1:11:12 | 720×480 | mp4 | 1142Mb
Blue Jeans (1981DVDRip)
Blue Jeans (1981DVDRip) Preview

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