Blondes Like To Cum 2

Cast: Jessica Sweet, Nicole Parks, Sunshine Rivers, Jules van Saint, Anthony, Dirty Harry, Kyle, Dave

Girls like to get their rocks off too and most guys think that blondes do it best of all. See for yourself as these yellow-haired sluts do what it takes to get off! Hey you guys can’t have all the fun! We chicks watch you when you pull that throbbing wet cock out of our holes and stroke off an endless load of thick, pumping jizz. Feels great, right? Well us girls love to get our rocks off too, and if you can open your eyes as you squirt that goo all over our bodies – you will see us coming too! And you’ll find a big wet spot on the sheets where all our cum soaks in. And most guys thing that we blondes cum best of all. So do we. Try us and see.!

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