Ben Dover\’s Butt Bangers Bonanza


Starring: Kelly Aris, Layla Jade, Gina G, Jeannie Bukes, Sophia

Four scenes this times, starting with the shy and cute 18-year-old Kelly ?who gets even shyer when Ben asks her to take her top off ?but is soon sucking Ben’s dick anyway, stopping long enough to ask, “Am I doing it okay?” and later taking it up the arse and getting a double facial. Up next is Layla, who is so eager to be a big porn star that she starts by blowing Ben and Mario while they’re still in the car park. Gina and Katrina follow, in a gleeful scene that includes Ben getting caught on camera in mid-blowjob when he suddenly exclaims “Fuck me! Where’s me camera?” followed by the dutiful bob fetching it. They revel in being on camera, and both get d.p.’d and take four full loads (Bob even gets in on this one) on their upturned, side-by-side faces. Finale has club dancer Sophia taking o Pascal and Ben in a weak finish after the supercharged preceding scene.

2:10:00 | 720×540 | mp4 | 1547Mb

Ben Dover’s Butt Bangers Bonanza

Ben Dover's Butt Bangers Bonanza Preview

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